Digital Security / Privacy Course Developer and Instructor (80-100%) at EPFL Online Education


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EPFL Online Education

Digital Security / Privacy Course Developer and Instructor (80-100%)

Genève, CH


The EPFL Extension School is looking for an experienced digital security / privacy course developer and instructor, working 80-100%. The course developer will be responsible for creation of course content, production of video and online learning materials (including lessons, quizzes, exams), management of relationships with course presenters and industry partners, student / learner support (forum/chat as well as project feedback), and general contributions to the overall development and success of the EPFL Extension School.

This is not a security / operational job, but a content development role, with a focus on security, privacy and trust.

The knowledge level of our learners will range from novice (no prior experience) to intermediate (some familiarity), and the course developer should be able to adapt his/her teaching (topics, learning objectives, exercises, learner support) accordingly.

Your background should include:

  • Previous teaching experience 

  • Solid, demonstrable knowledge of at least some of the following topics:

    • attacks (worms, trojans, phishing, DDOS, brute force, IP spoofing, SQL injections, penetration testing, social manipulation etc.)

    • cryptography and encryption and its use in everyday applicaitons

    • authentication & authorization

    • network security (firewalls, TCP/IP, intrusion detection)

    • online security best practices

    • GDPR and privacy

    • emerging security topics (e.g. blockchain, IoT, etc.)

  • Demonstrated ability to successfully communicate complicated topics to an audience with a wide variety of skills / skill levels - including general public learners without technical backgrounds 

  • Excellent communications and relationship management / “people” skills 

  • Excellent verbal presentation skills 

  • Strong organisational and interpersonal skills 

  • Ability to complete tasks on time without close supervision

  • Good team player 

  • Self-starter, capable of autonomous work 

  • Fluent English, both written and spoken (EPFL Extension School content is in English)

Desirable other qualifications include:
Startup experience
Experience with writing and producing educational content in a digital format

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