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Blockchain Researcher

Toronto, CA


**This position is based in our Toronto, ON office, right next to Union Station **

Polymath is looking for a Blockchain researcher to help keep us on the cutting edge of the space. Like most startups, we want people who’s  idea of a good place to work is a small, close knit team working on challenging problems without much bureaucracy.

We are looking for someone with deep experience in the Blockchain space on a technical level, who can help not only evaluate but shape Polymath’s strategy for how best to use the technologies available now, and those under development.

Our current platform is based on Ethereum smart contracts, however Ethereum is rapidly changing; at the same time, other blockchains are being developed both to solve general existing issues and create more specialized chains. This role is about evaluating all current and upcoming technologies in the context of Polymath’s current and future needs so we can plan our roadmap accordingly.

Skills and experience you need to have for this role

  • Expertise in distributed computing in general

  • Deep understanding of Blockchain fundamentals, including consensus algorithms, cryptographic proofs etc

  • Lot’s of insight into Ethereum particularly, from the core chain to the EVM to Solidity

  • Understanding of basic game theory (as it relates to economic incentives for good and bad participants of the network)

  • Significant understanding of the challenges facing existing technologies (such as scaling) and potential solutions that are currently being explored

  • At least 5 years of general development experience

Skills and experience that will give you an edge

  • Broad knowledge of other blockchains live and in development

  • A public profile showing code or other community contributions to blockchain

  • Having built, or helped to build a blockchain from scratch

  • Experience writing smart contracts

  • Experience with finance, particularly securities, will help you understand our needs better

Why work at Polymath?

  • Our office is steps away from Union station

  • Flexible workplace, in terms of hours and location

  • Competitive pay compared to anyone, compared to most startups really great pay

  • Low overhead, small team of skilled people to work with

  • The usual startup stuff (free coffee, snacks etc)

  • Opportunity to work on the edge of the blockchain and FinTech spaces, and shape the future of digital securities

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