Head of Engineering - Blockchain - Fintech at clearmatics


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Head of Engineering - Blockchain - Fintech

London, GB


Clearmatics' mission is to build peer-to-peer infrastructure for a machine-driven future that is resistant to the monopoly-making tendencies of network effect inherent in today's client-server architectures. We call our technology approach 'decentralized automation', which combines cryptography, consensus protocols and economic mechanism design. We are a blockchain R&D company and have good ties to the Ethereum and Open Source communities, we work closely with the Ethereum Foundation, and the company is an EEA Member.

We're looking to hire a HEAD OF ENGINEERING to expand our team.

You will:

  • Be responsible for leading and growing the Engineering team and will be a pivotal member of the product delivery team.

  • Help teams to propose solutions for some of the foundational problems in the Blockchain space.

  • Work closely with product leaders and our CTO to define technical and product roadmaps and ensure timely delivery of high-quality, secure software.

  • Be responsible for driving technical innovation, processes and best practices required to deliver the platform at scale.

  • Be a hands-on manager, responsible for inspiring, managing and growing a world-class engineering team, building a culture of trust and collaboration between engineers and teams across multiple offices and time zones.

As Head of Engineering, you will be responsible for ensuring proper planning and delivery of complex projects, setting clear goals for your team, delivering timely feedback and rewards, and helping recruit great engineers.

Our stack is Ethereum-like so familiarity and passion with this space are key. Some of the areas we tackle include scalability through cryptography (zkSNARKs, multiparty computation, private transactions/assets), protocol design (e.g. proof relays/pegs), formally verified smart contracts and type-safe & performant distributed virtual machine architectures.

We are looking for people who are not afraid of unknowns and enjoy working with others to problem solve and break new ground. You should have more than a passing interest in the Ethereum or cryptocurrency space, with contributions to

Open Source Projects being a distinct plus. You should be able to reason about technical problems, argue thoughtfully and contribute in a team setting.


  • 5+ years hands-on technical expertise.

  • Experience of working in a Fintech and/or Blockchain startup preferred.

  • Built and shipped software products or protocols with at least two production launches to speak of.

  • Experience of managing engineering teams including building and leading productive, high functioning, and distributed teams.

  • Active participation in a team’s career development, having managed engineer's performance with proper mentorship and coaching.

  • Detailed understanding of software methodologies and processes including Agile and Kanban.

  • Ability to work with product teams in defining tasks and creating roadmaps.

  • Ability to foster and to create positive engineering cultures.

  • Ability to communicate with technical and business stakeholders.


  • Previous experience in blockchain or distributed systems.

  • Experience of working with Ethereum.

  • Engagement in Open Source communities.

  • Experience of scaling teams rapidly.

  • Experience of delivering protocols rather than products.

  • Experience of working in an innovative, disruptive business

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