Senior Backend Developer (Java/AWS) at Sytac IT Consulting


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Sytac IT Consulting

Senior Backend Developer (Java/AWS)

Amsterdam, NL


As a Sytac consultant, you will be representing us at the client side at a daily basis. You will integrate into their team and their systems solving complex solutions. This means that you always need to be up to date with the latest technologies, and already have a few projects with the technologies we work with under your belt.

Some of the notable projects that Sytac developers have personally contributed to are:

  • WIFI onboard 777 - KLM

  • Flight Search Engine - KLM

  • Blockchain real estate website - KPMG

  • Login page on - Marktplaats

  • Mobile Banking authentication - ING

  • Meal box planner like Hellofresh and Bierbox - Albert Heijn

 If want to get an opportunity to get a phone call from our recruiters make sure you have:

  • Experience with Java8 or Scala

  • Spring Boot, Spring Security, Integration and SSO solutions;

  • Know how to build a REST API (Will be changed for Frontend)

If you want the raise our recruiter’s eye brows have experience with:

  • Using modern data storage solutions: Kafka, Akka, MongoDB, Cassandra, Hadoop, Hbase

  • Experience with microservices and container technology such as Docker

  • Big Data experience and or Machine learning (Will be changed for Frontend)

While we do have a rigorous but fair 3 step interview process, at the end of the day being an amazing developer won’t cut it. You need to be able to voice your opinion, you will need to have the spine to tell your client if they’re steering into self-destruction, and of course we want you to get along with the rest of our consultants, which means your last interview will always be in our office. This way we will be able to test if your DNA fits Sytac’s.

We heavily invest in our consultant both in your technical skills and your wellbeing.

  • Unlimited training/Tech Budget – Use this to certify yourself in the latest technologies, attend conferences or buy the latest gadgets that will help you excel at work while making your colleagues jealous.

  • Above market salary – We constantly monitor the average salary on the market and makes sure that you get more.

  • Access to our Sytac communities and monthly events (Past Meetups listed below)


  • Kafka in fintech: an introduction to Apache Kafka

  • Advanced VueJs session

  • AWS Architect - 3 Day training 


  • VueJS and Progressive Web Apps

  • BLOCKCHAIN: Solidity, Mining, Smart Contracts & more

  • Apollo, Akka, Kubernetes

 Some of our perks

  • Incentive Trips – Skiing, Drifting, Rented beach clubs, you name it, we’ve been there.

  • Monthly Nibbles and drinks – We never skip a month to take out our developers for great beer and food

  • Private Slack environment - Have a complex problem? Did you run into a bug you just cant figure out? Just ask your question in our Slack environment and get the answer immediately – after all 125 minds work better than 1.

  • 30+ Paid holiday and training days – We give you enough time to recharge your batteries at your favorite holiday destination.

  • Covered travel expenses – Because time is money.

  • Pension – We have thought about your future and when you’ll be developing at home with your grandchildren

On top of that our consultant managers will hold quarterly evaluation meetings with you to help you jump to the next level in your career.

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