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AI Architect

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Architect

The mission of the our client's Artificial Intelligence (AI) group is to foster R&D collaborations across the breadth of all product groups within the organization. This group helps to solve the organization's most difficult challenges based on leading AI and Machine Learning technologies. You will work with business partners in order to identify specific business problems to which Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques can be applied. The group is also chartered with exploring the boundaries of Big Data Analytics both in existing business units as well as emerging opportunities including areas in Robotics, Machine Vision, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) / Drones, Speech Processing, and Blockchain / Distributed Ledger technologies.

We are looking for an experienced technical contributor to lead at the forefront of cutting edge Artificial Intelligence applications. You will build prototypes and explore conceptually new solutions in a fast-paced environment. You will be at the heart of a growing and exciting focus area for BlueSky's client and will work with a variety of its business units (including manufacturing, security services, industrial equipment and asset management, as well as other units) to apply Artificial Intelligence techniques to our most difficult problems.

Job Responsibilities:

    • Utilize Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Big Data Analysis methods to work within cross-functional teams to engage the internal clients and broader customer base, comprehend the internal client's problems, develop strategic analytical products, support requirements analysis, inform the creation of strategic plans for business transformation, including understanding clients' most complex business challenges, architecting a solution that delivers a measurable outcome, testing the solution, and implementing the transformation.
    • Extract qualitative and quantitative relationships, including patterns and trends from a wide variety of data.
    • Use technical and analytical expertise to explore and examine data from multiple disparate Big Data sources with the goal of discovering patterns and previously hidden insights that can provide a competitive advantage or address a pressing mission problem.
    • Contribute to the development of strategies for deploying AI techniques into existing business, development of road map and requirements analysis considering both AI and business potential analysis.
    • Develop new concepts and experiments for variety of these ideas, translate these ideas into executable action plans, and communicate these plans to a diverse client base.


    • 5+ years of experience with data analysis in High Performance Computing, Machine Learning, Big Data Analysis or related areas, deep understanding of Machine Learning, Cloud Services
    • Confident in development of quantitative models for Industrial systems (reliability data, sensor data) supply chain big data analysis, revenue forecasting, or similar problems using Machine Learning.
    • Advanced proficiency with at least one statistical computing language for data analysis, such as R or Python

Final FYI - We would consider candidates straight out of graduate programs with strong real world co-op or internship experience! 

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