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Enterprise Blockchain, Trillion $$ Asset Classes

Boston, MA


This is a phenomenal opportunity to join a small team of high performing engineers who are re-architecting a Trade Finance system that facilitates the full lifecycle of asset initiation, authentication, transaction and settlement.   

The platform will enable a broad spectrum of workflow processes that cover deep industry-specific business workflows from procurement to distribution. The technology strategy will embrace various block chain capabilities and in so doing, will be focused on the trust, security, ubiquitous and operational execution-oriented capabilities to support our strategic use cases. This is not ‘crypto-currency-focused’ but rather about trade finance and the real assets/cash around commerce of physical goods and financial assets.   The goal is to give a more secure insight into the true value of businesses undergoing M&A.

The right person for this job is a principal/architect level, full stack engineer who has deep knowledge of multiple technology platforms and able to choose the best one for a specific purpose.   Current stack here is Angular, Node, Java, Postgres, IBM Web Services, NoSQL and RDB.   

Please contact me for company name, exact location in downtown Boston, and an extremely detailed job listing.Following are just the key details of what we're looking for:

Principal Developer (PD) capable of designing, architecting and developing world-class code along a full stack across clouds (AWS, IBM and Azure). 

  • Architecture: The PD will have run the gamut of roles in the development lifecycle and has evolved from developer to technical architect and now operates as both architect and developer. However, the individual should be able to serve as, if necessary, purely a Principal level architect working either on one or across a range of projects. The PD would need to come up to speed rapidly and distill the architectural design-focused work from development and then run with a full analysis, options generation and recommendations to a SCRUM/project team. The PD would, if necessary based on priority, be able to jump in and work with the rest of the team on a development stream whereby he/she would implement those recommendations. The level of expertise and experience is at a level that would be able to operate across technology/projects and be relatively agnostic to specific technology selections. The successful candidate will have delivered multiple architectures ranging from real-time web to native mobile and/or other platforms/form factors. Architecture at this level is expected to included best practices for the type of design (ie, stateless/lambda, etc.). The candidate would be familiar with best design principles for various architectural designs that lead to highly scalable, high performant, secure and expiration-resistant designs.

  • Development: The ‘Developer’ aspect of the role will cover roughly 70% of a typical work cycle with variability by project which may drop hands-on code to the 40%-50% point however that would not be the norm. Code reviews/pull requests are also a significant factor of the role and the PD would be as comfortable doing a review of the code as he would be refactoring it himself and/or simply writing a POC to demonstrate a more efficient means of development and/or architecture during scenarios where options analysis may lead to a relatively ambiguous recommendation. Developers all have their own style of development however their code must be readable and logically structured in order to enable other team members to pick up co-development tasks in an effective manner. ‘The best’ code is not necessarily the shortest and while some top developers embrace ‘short’ it does not lead to effective team collaboration. The successful candidate will have been well seasoned in crafting exceptionally effective (and short) code, however, he will understand the value of team collaboration to the point where the ideal balance is simply ‘obvious’ to him.

  • Execution: The PD will have senior decision making authority on the design of his own code. 

  • Process: The PD will be seasoned in agile development and ‘living the dream’ of classic and complete SCRUM. We are in the process of releasing a SCRUM framework and evolving the team operations and structure to break out into 2-3 teams. These teams will be globally distributed so the PD will be seasoned in working with teams operating in such a team structure. The use of tools to support the development process should be embraced and the PD will have been well seasoned in using those such as JIRA, Zoom/Skype, etc... as well as development tools covering the full range of IDE’s, code analysis tools, QA tools, devops tools and security tools. Neither waterfall nor mini-waterfall will be embraced by the team so agile should be a well-seasoned ‘mindset’ for the successful candidate.

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